Well, not really true – I’ve been here a couple of times šŸ™‚ However – IĀ haveĀ never brought theĀ camera equipment so there is a pinch of truth in the title.

This time there was no crew – only me, myself and I together with my family going to Vinje in Telemark for the weekend.Ā I knew there was going to be clear skies so I packed the camerabag, syrp genie and a tripod and headed for the mountains!

Saturday afternoon the conditions were perfect so I ended up taking some pictures and I did three timelapses around the cabin. The temperature was around -18 degrees celcius so based onĀ previous experience I wanted to stay warm and cozy inside while the camera was doing the job.

View from Farhovd to Vierli - Sony a7s / Rokinon 14mm / ISO 1600 / 10 sec exposure

View from Farhovd to Vierli – Sony a7s / Rokinon 14mm / ISO 1600 / 10 sec exposure

I tried the holy grail lapse but failed by using the aperture mode on the camera. Turns out movement in the frame, like children playing or people passing by affected the metering mode so it ended up flickering quite a bit and I had to throw away the first half of that sequence.

Sony a7s, Rokion 14mm and Syrp Genie in perfect harmony!

Sony a7s, Rokinon 14mm and Syrp Genie in perfect harmony!

TheĀ second try was a three hours lapse 50 meters up in the woods behind the cabin and that worked out ok. Not perfect in any way – the moonlight made it a little bitĀ difficult and I’m giving it a rating 3 of 5. The scenery was absolutely stunning and I know I will try again at some point.

My last try was better and I’m quite pleased with how it turned out. This was a 1 hour 30 minute lapse with some panning and 15 seconds exposure.

I added some music andĀ stitched everything together and it turnedĀ out like this:

Let me know what you think in the comment field below and I’d love to get some tips on how to improve! Thanks!


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