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Going on a fieldtrip

Do not expect a solid tutorial / how-to guide on how to pack for a fieldtrip. It’s more like a “this is what I pack and I hope I didn’t miss something” post 🙂

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Sparkles in the night – with steel wool and a battery

I saw a movie on YouTube the other day of a guy with sparkles around his head and thought, this is something I would like to do too. Who doesn`t want to try that :)? It started with a trip to the grocery store.

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Moonlight filmproject with the Sony A7S

I have just startet my first low-light project with the sony a7s and we took the first shots last week. The aim was to use as low lights as possible and we ended up using only moonlight for most of the shooting.

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Where no man has gone before…

Well, not really true – I’ve been here a couple of times 🙂 However – I have never brought the camera equipment so there is a pinch of truth in the title.

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Brevik by night and tons of light

We went for a quick trip to Brevik yesterday, a small town in Porsgrunn Telemark near the coast. It was about -10 degrees celsius and we took aim at a small island with great view to the Brevik bridge and the mainland.

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